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February Dental Month

Periodontal disease is the most common dental condition in dogs and cats – by the time your pet is 3 years old, he or she will very likely have some early evidence of periodontal disease, which will worsen as your pet grows older if effective preventive measures aren’t taken. Early detection and treatment are critical, because advanced periodontal disease can cause severe problems and pain for your pet. Periodontal disease doesn’t just affect your pet’s mouth. Other health problems found in association with periodontal disease include kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.

It starts with plaque that hardens into tartar. Tartar above the gumline can often easily be seen and removed, but plaque and tartar below the gumline is damaging and sets the stage for infection and damage to the jawbone and the tissues that connect the tooth to the jaw bone. Periodontal disease is graded on a scale of 0 (normal) to 4 (severe).

The treatment of periodontal disease involves a thorough dental cleaning under anesthesia.  Sometimes x-rays may be needed to determine the severity of the disease under the gumline.

Ark pet hospital can help keep your pets teeth healthy and clean.  Did you know that an adult dogs has 42 teeth and an adult cat has 30?  Imagine going 3-5 years without brushing your teeth or going to the dentist.  Call today to schedule a dental cleaning for the month of February and receive 20% off.   

cocker1.png ARK PET HOSPITAL is proud to serve the NEW BRIGHTON MN area.  Our veterinary clinic is owned by Dr. Mary Philippson, who is an experienced and compassionate veterinarian. 

Our team is committed to educating clients on how to provide a long, healthy and happy life for their pets. ARK PET HOSPITAL stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, knows that all pets need to be treated with love and compassion at every visit.

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